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Our service packages are set up to offer our clients the easiest most effective real change possible


Private lessons are designed to focus on improving your mechanics and observational skills using whatever behaviors and cues you want to teach your dog.

$100 an hour ( mileage may apply)

Individual Consulting For Behavioral Problems

Kirsten offers private behavior consultations for people seeking help with their dogs’ behavior that they believe is a problem. Common concerns addressed in consultations include:

  • house training
  • destruction and barking
  • aggression toward family members, strangers or other dogs
  • separation anxiety
  • fears and phobias

$200 – for an initial 2 hour assessment & planning session. A pre-paid, non-refundable deposit of $50 is required to reserve this initial appointment. ( mileage may apply)

Initial consultation appointments are booked 3-4 weeks in advance.

$100 – per hour. (mileage may apply.) – Follow-up consultations and coaching sessions

During the initial consultation to address behavior problems, Kirsten will ask many questions about your dog’s daily routine and behavioral history. She will observe your dog’s behavior and his/her interactions with family members. In some cases, clients may want to provide video of their dog’s problem behaviors. With input from the family, Kirsten will create a behavior modification plan for your pet and begin working with you on its implementation. If behavior modification alone is deemed impractical, or out of her area of expertise,  Kirsten will offer a referral  to a veterinary behaviorist.






Kirsten offers consulting to training organizations, animal rescue groups, clubs and businesses.

Occasionally, two or more trainers from an organization will schedule time with Kirsten for mentoring.

If you’re interested in consultations or presentations for your organization, please contact Kirsten by email or phone for more details about scheduling and pricing.

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