In Home Schooling

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In Home Schooling

In Home Schooling creates true change in a convenient and effective in-your- home model where you leave the hard work to the professional trainer.

You don’t hire a plumber to coach you in how to unclog your toilette.

You don’t hire a beautician for an hour to learn how to cut your own hair.

Kirsten, a professional trainer will come to your home and work with your dog in 1 hour sessions 3 times a week for 3 weeks. At the end of each week it’s all about you as she meets with you and transfers the cues and proper reinforcement schedules necessary to maintain the skills she taught your dog during the week.

Once the 9 sessions with your dog and 3 sessions with you as a team are complete Kirsten will take the time to come back 2 more times just to make sure she has addressed your needs and you and your dog are working as a team towards the relationship you always wanted with your dog.

Home Schooling – $1350

9 one hour training sessions (3x a week for 3 weeks) with your dog and a professional trainer

3 one hour coaching session teaching you how to cue and reinforce the things your dog learned during the week

2 one hour coaching sessions upon completion of the program to answer any of your questions and celebrate your progress



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